Pain Resolution & Injury Care

Level Up Your Professional Practice by Training in BPRA

Pain Resolution & Injury Care

Level Up Your Professional Practice by Training in BPRA

BodE Work Massage Therapy Training

BodE Work Pain Resolution Approach

A Holistic Healing Method to Help Break Pain Patterns
Continuing Education in Massage Therapy and Acupuncture //


Identify the Pain Pattern


Apply BPRA Hand Techniques


Conscious Use of Breath (for Client & Practitioner)


Break the Pattern Causing Pain


Pain is Significantly Reduced or Resolved

BodE Work Pain Resolution Approach was birthed from 3 decades of working in pain resolution and injury care.
David Nelson, pain resolution specialist and the founder of BPRA, has explored and honed this method on over 40,000 people to achieve the greatest outcome. Inspired to help people heal FAST with optimal results, David created a quick and effective approach to pain resolution and injury care.

* With BPRA, 3 treatments within 2 weeks will resolve or significantly reduce most pain problems. *

Pain Resolution
is in High Demand

Studies show that in the United State alone, 1 out of every 5 people suffer from chronic pain. That's 20% of the population! This widespread issue is why most people begin to seek therapeutic care. Are you equipped with the right skill set to handle and resolve this issue for your clients?

Learn how to alleviate pain quickly and effectively with BodE Work Training in BPRA. This revolutionary approach will provide you with another pocket to pull from as you aid your clients’ healing, greatly enhancing your professional practice.


​"David's expertise and vast skillset invited me and the entire class to really step up to a higher level of physical and energetic bodywork. Blown away by this work."


"Amazing. My migraine headache was gone. I have felt lasting change in my neck and headache pain. The world needs more talented healers. Having a sensible holistic approach will change the world."


"Invaluable. Absolutely amazed as to how the body quickly reacts to focused work. David is calm, focused, easy-going, patient, super intelligent, and knowledgeable. Thank you so unbelievably much for taking us to the next level."


BodE Work Pain Resolution Approach Training

Inspired to help patients heal quickly with optimal results, this revolutionary method offers a quick and effective approach to bodywork and injury care by, not only alleviating but, breaking the patterns that cause pain. It relies on a combination of therapies including massage, breath-work, and Oriental medicine theory utilized in harmony to achieve wondrous results.

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